Friday, November 15, 2013

The Day the Crayons Quit in Division 13


We sure had fun with this playful book today!  We laughed and laughed at the collection of letters written to a boy named Duncan.  It didn't take us long to realize that the letters were written by his crayons; who were very unhappy.  After sharing our favorite moments and talking about the different feelings among the crayons, we were ready to race back to our pencil boxes to choose the perfect crayon to write our OWN letters!

Here are some of the letters from The Day the Crayons Quit in Division 13:

Hey Kate,

I know you never use me in your journal or your papers!  But can you please use me?  I'm begging you!  I am so mad that you are never using me anywhere!  You realize you don't even use me at home! If there was a shooting star, you know what I would wish?  For you to use me!  You just have to use me.  Please!  O please!  O please can you use me?  Waaaaaaaaa!  

From your so so so so so so so so so so so frustrated friend,

Black Crayon

Hey Daisy,

Why did you make me so stubby?  After only half a year!  You use me for the ocean and hats and clothes.  Every single thing you draw has to be my favorite colour.  I wish you could buy 100 crayon boxes a day!  You give my top cuts every day.  

From your mad enemy,

Bleu-vert Crayon

Hi Riley,

I just love it when you use me.  I know I'm your favorite crayon yellow-green and why did your Mum write your name:  Riley on me?  I want to know.  Also, I wanted to tell you this:  I love your colouring.

From your favorite crayon,

Yellow Green

Hey Avery,

You DO NOT USE ME!  Really, the last time you used me was in Kindergarten!  I'm feeling left out!  You should colour a pretty princess.  That would make me feel much better.  You are into soccer now and you like the colour blue.  And that makes me mad.  P.S.  Next time use me.

From your friend,

Red Violet

Hey Trevor,

It's Green Crayon.  I'm very mad at you because I'm a stubby crayon.  You are using me too much in your journal so now I'm stubby.  I'm getting tired too, so promise?

From your friend,

Green Crayon

Dear Abby,

I am very frustrated because you never use me.  That's not fair!  And all my friends are frustrated too because of you and you are not nice.  

From your frustrated friend,


Hey Ryan,

It's your bright friend Yellow Crayon.  Can you stop using me for drawing the sun and sand?  I am getting tired of it.  Can you please stop it?  

From your frustrated friend,

Yellow Crayon

Dear Arshaan,

Hi.  It's blue crayon.  I just wanted you to be OK.  I am broken.  Why did you write hard when you were drawing?  Now I am little.  I am sorry.  I forgive you.  Thank you so much.  

From your friend,

Blue Crayon

Dear M,

I know I'm your favorite colour, but you need to stop using me so much!  My top is wearing off.  And I need a break.  I am always used for sky.  And oceans.  And rivers.  And peacocks.  The earth.  And I just can't do it any more.  I'm sorry.

Your friend,

Blue Crayon

Hey Max,

Red Crayon here.  When will you use me this year?  I will be used this year, right?  I like being red.  And I am happy.  It will be fun being used.  And I want to be used.  And I will be happy if you use me a lot.  And I will be happy if you use other crayons too.  Thank you Max.

From your happy friend,

Red Crayon

Hey Aedan,

Listen up!  You use me too much.  Can't you give me a break?  You use me for trucks and for Santa when Christmas comes.  I am tired.  

Your over-worked friend,

Red Crayon

And for those of you who have the terrible habit of peeling the paper off your crayons....

Hey Simon,

Why did you show everyone that I was naked?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why did you?  Now listen buddy.  Tell me now, now, now!  OK buddy, you want to play that way?

From your naked friend,

Peach Crayon

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K Lirenman said...

I was just looking at that exact book in my feature book shelf and realized I had not shared with with my students yet. I love the creative writing your students have written here. Thanks for sharing with us. Ms. Lirenman on behalf of Division 19