Friday, November 15, 2013

Global Read-Aloud Celebration

We have been so lucky to share our Global Read Aloud book:  Marty McGuire with Mrs. Betts' Grade 2's and 3's.  We have read aloud through Skype and have enjoyed large and small group discussions about this very funny novel.  It has been wonderful asking each other questions and comparing favorite characters and predictions.  

Because we partnered with another class in our own school district, we were lucky to arrange to get together to celebrate the conclusion of "Marty".  Mrs. Betts' class came our way, and we had a great time sharing which character we are most like, and favorite moments from the book.  We viewed the final video post from Kate Messner, the author of Marty McGuire and learned more about the sequels she's written.  Mrs. Betts organized a fun drama game and we had fun saying, "Let the magic begin!" just like James Jackson.

It was so much fun watching the students try to make us believe an everyday object was something else!  This chalkboard eraser was an apple... crunch!

And this ruler was a lollipop!  Sluuurrrrp!

Finally, we had a VERY special treat baked and handcrafted by Trevor's Mom.  Can you believe how incredible these lilypad cupcakes are?! 

Our time together went by so quickly, but it really was a wonderful way to celebrate the "bittersweet" ending to our Global Read Aloud.  Thank you Mrs. Betts and the Cheetahs for being such terrific GRA Buddies!

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