Sunday, November 3, 2013

Looking Closer at Larger Numbers

We were so lucky to have a visit from Chris Hunter, the District Numeracy Helping Teacher that Surrey Centre is working together with.  The students are always excited to have visitors join us and Mr. Hunter was a big hit!  

First we played with the concept of the "teen" numbers being 10 and some more.  We want the students to build on their understanding of 10 and be able to visualize (picture) numbers beyond that using their  dependable anchor of 10.  We had lots of fun explaining our thinking and proving how we knew we had built the numbers.

Then we played with representing even greater numbers.  We found out that we ran out of space on our ten frames... a funny task from Mr. Hunter who knew we didn't have enough room.  But wouldn't you know it, those quick thinking kiddos from Room 204 found a way to work around this.  Some of us just stacked up the counters and had no problem showing the number 37!

Then we had to clarify some guidelines about 10 frames.  One counter in each box meant we had to think of something else.  Out came our mini ten frames!  (And look - there are those pigs again...)

We worked at building numbers in more than one way, and then jumped into playing a fun strategy game with dice and a number grid.  We had a terrific time with Mr. Hunter, and the students decided to write him a thank you letter and mail him the two "stacking caps" that ended up being left behind.  I think maybe we should have kept them and then he would have to come back and visit to get them back!  We do hope he will come back and join us again for more numeracy play soon.

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