Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sharpening Our Senses at Redwood Park

This week we were "Sharpening Our Senses" with our Grade 5 Buddies at a favorite local treasure:  Redwood Park.  Through our MindUp activities, we have been learning about experiencing our surroundings through mindful seeing, listening, smelling, and feeling.  (We decided to leave mindful tasting out of this fieldtrip!)  We spent time walking through the park, making observations and recording them.  It was easy to focus our attention and avoid distractions with so many natural wonders to take in!

From salamanders to seed pods, we all agreed that it was a wonderful experience noticing all that nature has to offer!  Thanks again to our Big Buddies, Mrs. Booth, Ms. Kennedy, and all of our Parent Helpers!

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