Saturday, February 15, 2014

Olympic Excitement

Olympic excitement is well underway at our school, and we kicked it all off with an Olympic Assembly (that turned into an Olympic Parade and Announcements due to a gym problem!).  Every class in the school was assigned a country and a sport to share information about, and our division researched Great Britain and Curling.  We had two eager students report out the important facts for each and we were so proud of their courage and speaking voices!

Since then, we've been enjoying hearing Olympic updates twice a day and Olympic Stations in the (now fixed) Gym.  The students are LOVING living the Olympic athlete dream as they participate in:

Downhill Skiing

Speed Skating


Curling, and more!

We decided we needed to choose a Winter Olympic Sport that we would like to do and show what we'd look like!  Here is Team Canada 2026:

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