Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

How much excitement can we pack into one week?  We were pretty happy to be celebrating Valentine's Day, for sure.  The students have been busy making Valentines for their friends and have had lots of fun delivering them.  Along with exchanging cards, we brought in a sweet or salty treat to add to a special Snack Mix.  First we graphed what we brought with our giant ten frames.  

Then we added our treats to the Sweet or Salty bowl.  One person brought kettle corn and we decided it needed to go in both mixes!  Fun!  Before eating our treats, we recorded the information on our own graphs and shared three important facts that the graphs told us.  Some of our findings were:
*  There were more sweet than salty.
* Salty has half of sweet.  Like it would take two saltys to make a sweet.
* 6+6=12  That means sweet has double.
* 6+12=18  18 people brought snakes (snacks, I hope!).

Finally we got to open our Valentine mail!  We LOVED reading our cards!  Thank you families for helping the kids create such special memories...

One student brought Valentines that were animal glasses.  We all got into character and had so much fun being animals.  Here are the lizards!  (Thanks Trevor for taking the picture!)

Ah, Valentine's Day...  Hope you all enjoyed opening up the candy at home!!!

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