Friday, October 4, 2013

Pattern Persistence!

Today we used our 100's Board app on our iPads to help us build and extend number patterns.  We chose pattern starters and covered up the numbers with counters.  This helped us picture, extend, and even record our patterns!  We noticed lots of important things as we were working...

Aedan said, "I did counting by 2's multicoloured.  They're all in straight lines going down."
Kate said, "I counted by 12's.  It made a diagonal picture."
Max said, "I've got angles by 3's."
Tomas said, "These are the 7's.  They're in a line up and across."
Simon said, "I have a bunch of patterns and basically, they're all connected.  I did odds and evens all in a row with different colours."

I wonder what we'll notice next about number patterns...

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