Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Reading Tree

Did you know our classroom has a Reading Tree?  Each month, we will watch our Reading Tree grow as the students spend special time curled up with books at home.  Each night we try our best to make time to read to our families AND enjoy listening to our families read to us.  We keep track of the books and/or chapters we read, and every time we reach ten we add a new shape to the tree.  

In September, we collected leaves and some of us had three on the tree!  It's fun to talk and share about our favorite books, and recommend books to each other during our book exchange time.  We look back at what we read and how often we read and set goals for the next month.  We are so lucky to have our families supporting us at home!  I wonder what our Reading Tree will look like in October?


Niki Leech said...

Nevaeh would like to know if anyone has read Go Go Dogs because that is his favourite book. Dominique loves reading Chester books. Have you read Chester before? Ayden loves the Crocodile Who Didn't Like the Water. Kumail loves to read Batman books. Oliver loves David Goes to School. We also like Marty McGuire and the Toys Go Out.

Anonymous said...

I love the reading tree! We enjoy our home reading time every evening. It's so fun that there is a special goal to reach as a class and we can watch that tree grow! September was leaves - Is there a different theme for October?

Sarah Schnare said...

I'm so glad you are loving our Reading Tree and even more excited to hear how much you enjoy reading together with your kiddo... For October, we are collecting pumpkins and ghosts and our tree is already looking very full. It's so fun to celebrate all of the reading that's happening! Mrs. Schnare