Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Fall-ing" Into More Art Projects

We read the very wonderful and touching story of The Lonely Scarecrow in our class this week.  It's lovely to see the students' empathy towards the scarecrow as they watch the animals scurrying away from him.  We decided to make our own scarecrows and after making a "recipe" for what a scarecrow needed, we went to work drawing, finelining, and painting.


The students put so much care and patience into bringing their scarecrows to life!

We were also lucky enough to have Parent Helpers join us this week to help us create Fall "Twisted Trees".  We're pretty sure our scarecrows won't be lonely in the display case in the front hall!  We hope our families come by to visit them soon...


Anonymous said...

Thank you room 204 for the wonderful art display in the front cabinet! I love the scarecrows. Each one has it's own unique character. The twisty tree are fantastic as well. This is such a welcoming display for everyone when they enter our school.

Ms. Hanna

Anonymous said...

Amazing artists!!! I love the creativity of each one and the detailed, scenic backgrounds!